The blog is dead; long live the blog


So I haven’t written anything on here for a while. In 2004 and 2005 I was somewhat ahead of the times in having my own web log (or more specifically, a travel web log).

Then it died.

Mine wasn’t the only one. Gartner speculates that blogging peaked in 2007 and there are now in the region of 200 million blogs which are not being updated (apologies for the lack of reference, but this is from Wikipedia, so it must be true).

I left my job before Christmas and am now travelling around Australia, New Zealand and China, so this seems an ideal opportunity to resurrect the blog.

Hopefully you’ll be hearing more from me on these pages over the coming months. I will be back in the UK on 24 April.

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4 Responses to “The blog is dead; long live the blog”

  1. Olivia Anne Dixon Says:

    I like the blog: so much more info than twitter! Keep going.. mxxx

  2. Caitlin Mavroleon Says:

    No, it wasn’t. Mine did too. Great news you are in the mood to tell us about your travels. We think of you with love x

  3. Carles Maggi Says:

    Let us enjoy your travelling experience from our places!!! Update your bloggggg!!

  4. Carli Hammer Says:

    Hi Alex! Good to hear you are enjoying yourself. By the time you are back I have left the UK :-S
    I have resigned my job and I will move out mid april!
    I am going to organise a unitech event before that…i am afraid you will miss out on that one 😦
    Come to NL soon!

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