Fear in the hearts

A brilliant phone conversation at work today:

Sandra: Hello Sandra speaking
Alex: Hi Sandra, it’s Alex Dixon from the billing team
Sandra: Oh, hi Alex
Alex: How are you doing?
Sandra: Ooh, I don’t know yet.. what have I done wrong?

A housemate, Simone, asked me yesterday what the highlight of my day was. This would be my vote for today.

Watch out – Alex Dixon strikes fear in the hearts of co-workers…

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2 Responses to “Fear in the hearts”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Haha….I’m glad that I don’t work with you. Is Alex at work very different from the Alex I know?

  2. Olivia Dixon Says:

    This is simply a language misunderstanding: you should have asked Sandra how she was. How are you doing is an American midwest phrase; no doubt picked up from your stepmother and not used in Britain unless asking how a particular task is being done! Incidently, in Britain we refer to the New Year and not New Years, another American phrase you have picked up.

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