Don’t be such a Wiener (Vienna)

Well, it’s been many a month since I have used this blog, but I started my new job in Februrary and have been quite busy since then. In fact I am writing this on my work laptop, having just connected to a HotSpot in Vienna, so I could send off some emails to do with work.

Vienna?? Yes, I’m on holiday, and since I had such a great time skiing in the Tyrol two winters ago, I’ve decided to come back and sample the Alpine lifestyle in the summer.

I came into Vienna on Saturday afternoon. As we touched down, all the Austrians on the plane started applauding, which I had never seen before – although to be fair it was a rather good landing.

I arrived at my hostel by noon. The Porzelleum is a student hall of residence that opens up to tourists over the summer months. I did manage to get a single room, but the whole place seemed rather bleak and institutional. Vienna city centre however is absolutely amazing. I think it would be fair to say that it is a little too stunning, and they have too many nice buildings that they’re not really sure what to do with – like the district police station that had cars racing through its delicate domed entrance.

Being on a tight schedule, I hopped on a tour bus that evening to be taken around the main sights of Vienna with commentary in four languages. The Danube tower is one of these Toronto-style viewing platforms (although considerably smaller I expect) that offers excellent views over the city. Afterwards we were all taken to one of the Heuringen on the outskirts of Vienna where wine is grown and produced on the premises. Austria concetrates more on its white wine than its red (so it would have fans amongst many 20-something British girls), and I tucked into my complimentary tankard of the stuff (I’d give it 7/10)

Back to the city and the Rough Guide directed me to a nice little restaurant that was open late where I ordered the compulsory Wiener Schitzel. I went back to the halls at about 12.30am, and the entire city seemed to be completely dead (suprising for a Saturday night).

Sunday was similarly quiet, but I headed for the cinema to see the film that every tourist guide plugs: Der Dritte Mann (or the Third Man) – a late 1940s film set in occupied Vienna.

Overall, Vienna is a stunning city, but I found the whole place to be extremely quiet and unexciting, and not really brilliant for young people. Perhaps I’ll come back a little later in life and bring some company.

Now southwards to the Austrian Alps and then Slovenia. Watch this space for more blog updates!

7 Responses to “Don’t be such a Wiener (Vienna)”

  1. Olivia Dixon Says:

    Well, I knew Vienna would be wonderful. It is natural that it would be, being the heart of the old Holy Roman Empire, which was, of course, neither holy or Roman! Those Hapsburgs would want it to be a magnificient to show case their power and glory and it sounds as though they succeeded. I wish I was with you, I never tire of beautiful old buildings, and a dull night life would not affect me!
    Much love and kxxx yrm

  2. cora Says:

    Wien, sounds like a great city to visit
    “Perhaps I’ll come back a little later in life and bring some company.”
    i like this sentence the most…

    ps: will you be back in Delft end of this month? for the reunion of the uni-tech?

  3. James Says:

    Pretty similar to our verdict of the city. Entire districts of large imperial buidings and statutes.

    We managed to find a few late night bars but like you say.. very quiet.

    Enjoy the rest of the tour old boy 🙂

  4. James Says:

    Edit: Actually you’re probably back now 🙂 So that should read: I hoped you ‘enjoyed’ the rest of the tour!

  5. Nate Korynta (USA, Proteus-Eretes member) Says:

    Just wanted to say I have enjoyed reading about all of your adventures. The tsunami experience was amazing. Best of luck with that new job.

    God Bless!

  6. Ineke Says:

    Hi Alex,

    As I already sent you an e-mail earlier, I just rememberd your webpage to find out you have a job in Austia?
    I saw you will be in Delft next week, CU there!

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