Tsunami in Sri Lanka

Hi everyone

I am okay, but was caught right in the middle of it (most of the Sri Lankan coastline was).

I was in my reinforced-concrete hotel as 4m (13ft) high waves exploded from the beach and knocked down almost everything around us.

The British High Commission evacuated us to Colombo yesterday (28th), and tomorrow (30th) I am flying back to London.

However, in the meantime, please, please make a donation to an international relief agency to help the Sri Lankan people who have looked after us, but now face dire problems over the coming days and weeks.

Please visit Oxfam or the Disasters Emergency Committee, or telephone 0870 60 60 900, or visit a bank or post office collecting donations.

Galle is 5km from where I was staying, and the BBC has been sending many reports from there, including this one (to give you an idea): http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/4130899.stm

17 Responses to “Tsunami in Sri Lanka”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I am so glad you are ok, so wonderful to hear from you. I will of course make a donation, thank you for the links, I hope everyone else does also. Glad to hear you are coming back, have a safe flight and let me know when i can ring you when you have seen and spoken to your family and settled back in. Wow, well what a travelling experience you have had, a shame it has been cut short but you managed to see and explore many things and accumulated many a story. I really am so happy you are ok, I was so worried about you along with so many people.
    Safe travels my lovely, and see you soon!
    Take care

  2. amanda and Lally Says:

    Dear Alex,
    Ann called us this evening and gave us your news. As soon as you feel up to non-family visitors we’d love to see you and as you know, are just down the road.Of course we’ll make a donation. Much love, Amanda, Josh, Lally, Roger

  3. Ann Dixon Says:

    Hugo came back from Egypt today. We cannot wait to welcome you and your Mom here tommorrow morning. Be prepared for tears and bear hugs!

    Of course we will donate. In addition to the experience of surviving it must be something to see first hand how much aid will be needed and how much effort needs to be put in for those who cannot leave.
    Much love Ann and Daddy

  4. Atalandi Dixon Says:

    Dad came back from Egypt as you must have gathered.I felt so guilty not thinking about you sooner. It was great seeing you and your mum this morning she is devine. Lets hope your future travels are even more exiting.
    love Atalandixx

  5. Hugo Dixon Says:

    Darling Alex

    It was so great seeing you looking healthy and fit – despite the ghastly trauma.

    Love Hugo

  6. Pantha Says:

    Hey Alex: It was great to hear that you are ok. It’s a massive disaster not only to the countries directly affected but some European countries (like Sweden which has 59 of it’s citizens dead and about 3500 missing) as well. I made a donation. Although, it might be the least important side effect of the Tsunami, still, it’s a shame that you had to cut down your trip. I will call you sometime soon.

  7. Damaris Sanders Says:

    You beat me back to UK!!! So glad that you got out of Una ok and quickly after we left. I am scheduled to take a flight from Colombo to Male tomorrow (Monday 3rd) and from there to London, hopefully arriving some time on Tuesday. Denisa and Peter were the first to leave, then the Pijmans. Odette is now headed for Australia, but she is still in Colombo at the moment I think. Henk, Kathy and Stuart all ok too. Henk is back in Germany, I guess that Kathy & Stuart are back in UK. Also spoke to Aiden and Lilia on their way to Marissa, I don’t know if their house was ok or not, I hope so. So it seems that all is well.


  8. Pippa Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Really glad to hear you are ok. Was worried that you might be in an affected area and unsure how to check on you. Saw your name flash across the tv screen and was relieved, and then the penny dropped to look at this site! Very happy to hear you’re home safe 🙂

  9. Howard Says:

    Hi Alex,
    So glad to hear that you are safe and well! I just received your postcard and was worried about you. Give me a call sometime, it would be great to see you.

  10. Joosje Hamilton Says:

    Dearest Alex

    VERY happy you are back safe and sound. We were all rather worried, but incredibly relieved when you sent your text message on the 27th. I don’t know how long you are planning to stay in London, but if you are at a lose end any of these days and fancy coming round, please do!

    Lots of love


  11. Wim Verdouw Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Really happy to read that you’re okay and made it back safely to the UK! Take care.


  12. Amy Davenport Says:

    Hi Alex,
    John,Charis and I were so glad to hear that you are safe. It is hard to imagine what it would be like to bear witness to devastation on such a vast scale. I hope as you recover you will be able to share more of your experience and thoughts about how to continue to help over the long term.
    All of our best,

  13. Kitty Says:

    Hey Alex,

    Like everyone else who’s posted on your site, I’m so glad you’re back safe and sound! I was quite worried when I got your postcard after Christmas and you had said that you were going to Sri Lanka for Christmas… I have already made a donation and have urged all around me to do the same 🙂 I expect I’ll see you soon in London and we’ll do lunch…

    Take care,

  14. Brunger Boy Says:

    Good to read you are alive old boy! Been trying to ring you since you’re back in the UK but with no luck.. Have I the right number?

  15. sara Says:

    alex, i got your postcard today (thanks!), didn’t know you were going to sri lanka as well, so i threw myself over the internet. so glad you’re ok! //sara

  16. Jenni Says:


    Great to hear that you are safe and sound. We just got back from Egypt and are catching up on what actually went on, amazing stuff really! Caught some brief news while we were there and was thinking/hoping that you were safe. Hope to catch you soon if you are in town for a while


    Jen & Alex

  17. enrica Says:

    ciao alex
    great to hear that you are ok.
    I recevid your postcard yesterday.
    thank you
    have you received mine?

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