Flight from London

As many of you who know me will no doubt be aware, I am frequently late for appointments: with this in mind I thought I should try to aim to leave for Gatwick from London at least 4 hours before my flight — of course this meant I was rushing all day, and then sat around at the airport for a few hours with nothing to do, as I had arrived far too early!

After watching the Bourne Supremacy (brilliant movie) on Emirates EK10 (great airline), I managed to sleep very well with the help of some flight earplugs (top tip for flying: you sleep better, and your ears don’t pop so often)

Dubai airport is outrageously over-the-top, but as I walked into the waiting area for the flight to Delhi and saw the change in the types of traveller, it really became apparent that my trip had begun. While waiting, I spoke with an Indian-American and a British woman living in Orissa, who both told me to “be careful”. Compounded with everyone else who had told me that in the past few weeks, I did begin to feel nervous.

5 Responses to “Flight from London”

  1. Olivia Dixon Says:

    My goodness you are being ‘good’ just as I was beginning to feel nervous because I hadn’t heard from you I see all this posted up here. Great thank you.

    Hope you are not feeling nervous but are cautious as all these kind people are advising… Much love your mxxxx

  2. Sess Says:

    I love how you have set up this site, wot a good idea! Lovely to hear you are well and doing ok and, yes, am v shocked you were at the airport soooo early! I hope you update your site regularly so we can all see you news and what you are getting up2.


  3. Helen(Haibo Zhou) Says:

    Hi, great to see the news of you. I can see it could be a very excited trip. Dont be so nervous, just be cautious of the things those kind peoples mentioned. Exploring that part of Asia by yourself….I like this site very much, hope to hear more new news from you gradually…..Sucess!!!

  4. Ann Dixon Says:

    Hi there. Am following website but would love update! xx Mrs. Anxious

  5. cora Says:

    oh, Alex~ Probably you have no idea how happy and envious we are now knowing that you are experiencing maybe the most fatanstic part of you life somewhere else in the world. Especially when I met you online again, I can’t imagine what the next exciting thing you are about to do at the other side of internet in Asia.

    Anyway, go on enjoying your exploration in Asia. we will pray for you.(I dont mean to scare you.)
    I am so looking forwards to your new message…
    Take care~~

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